How Many Charms Fit in an Origami Owl Locket?

Carol B. ask….

Ralph, how many charms fit in a locket?

Thank you for the question Carol! This is a question that my mom gets asked a lot so I am glad I have a chance to answer!

As a general rule of thumb, I recommend the following:

Mini Locket: 1-2 Charms

Medium Locket: 4-7 Charms

Large Locket: 7-12 Charms

With that being said, it really depends on the charms. Some of the charms are small (like the birthstones and pearl) and some charms are large (like the children birthstones and some of travel charms).

I recommend contacting your Origami Owl Designer to ask her if you are not sure or need help. In fact, my mom is an Origami Owl consultant and you can contact her to ask her about the charms below. She might even be able to put together a locket for you and take a picture before you buy it! Just ask!

Carol, thanks again for your question. My mom will contact you to send you a FREE charm for sending me a question.

Be sure to like my mom’s Facebook page to the right! She post great offers on there!

About Ralph:

Ralph is a four year old puggle that resides in Northern Virginia. Besides being an Origami Owl contributor, he enjoys going to the dog park, watching football, and visiting with friends and family.

To have Ralph answer your question in his next blog contact him today! If your question is answered, you will receive a FREE Origami Owl charm!



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